Florida Baptist Credit Union Personal Loans

Checking Accounts from Florida Baptist Credit Union

A credit union checking account will provide a way to handle all your payments. Compare our $0 minimum balance requirement, our $0 per transaction fee and $0 monthly fee to what other banks charge you. You'll see a big difference in the amount you save!  An initial deposit of $50 opens your checking account. No minimum balance is required to maintain the account.  That's your choice!

Our Checking Account program offers many attractive features such as; pre-authorized deductions, payroll deposits and debit cards at no cost to you.  Overdraft Protection options make it worry free.  And with our ADAM telephone access or HFS internet access you can manage your funds 24/7.  Florida Baptist Credit Union charges no fee on point-of-sale transactions and provides up to 8 free ATM withdrawals per month. Open yours today.