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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who is a member of a Southern Baptist Church located in the state of Florida.  Also eligible are the immediate family members of current members and employees of the Florida Baptist Convention, agencies and institutions.

Complete the membership application online, print it out and sign in the appropriate place.  Mail the completed application along with a legible copy of your driver’s license and a minimum $25 deposit to savings to the credit union office at 1320 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32207.

Our main office is located at 1320 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32207.

The credit union is a part of a shared branching network of credit unions. This allows members of the Florida Baptist Credit Union to go into branch locations of participating credit unions and transact your business just as if you were in our Jacksonville location. To locate a branch near you please go to our shared branch locator. If you have any difficulty locating a branch near you please contact our office at 800-749-3228 for further assistance.

Yes. The credit union offers both MasterCard and VISA for our members’ convenience. Both have a no annual fee and low interest rates.

Yes. If your business is wholly owned by you and you are a member of the credit union then you can also have your business checking and savings accounts through the credit union. If your business is incorporated then all active board members would need to be a member of the credit union for the corporation to eligible for an account.

Yes. If your church is a recognized Southern Baptist church of the Florida Baptist Convention then it is eligible to have checking, savings and corporate credit card accounts through the credit union. They would also be available to apply for loans through the credit union. Please contact our loan officers for further information.

No, there are not any monthly service charges associated with your savings or checking accounts.

Yes. If you are currently a member of the credit union then complete a online application form for your child. The parent or legal guardian will complete the joint owner of the application. The parent will also provide a copy of their driver’s license along with a $25 deposit into savings.

Yes. We offer Noah’s Ark accounts to children under the age of 18. After a regular savings account is opened with $25 additional deposits can be made to the Noah’s Ark savings where dividends are paid quarterly with no minimum balance required. Please indicate on the membership application your desire to have a Noah’s Ark account established.

Yes. The membership application should show your teenager as the primary member with you as the joint owner. Please complete the online membership application, print it and sign in the appropriate places. Mail your signed application along with a copy of both driver’s licenses and a $25 deposit to savings. To activate a checking account please include an additional deposit of $50. A debit/check card is available upon parent written request.

Yes, using the Home Financial Services link on the Florida Baptist Credit Union website you can access your account information. You can also make transfers, see which checks have cleared and look at past history. It is free for members to use Home Financial Services after completing a simple online sign up process.

We currently have a number of forms available under our Online Forms link. They include the Florida Baptist Credit Union membership application, Loan Application, Credit Card Application and Bill Payer enrollment form.