Florida Baptist Credit Union - Shared Branching

Shared Brancing

Shared branching is a system of credit unions who have decided to cooperate together and allow their members the opportunity to do their banking transactions in a branch of another credit union. If you live in a part of the state or country where there is not a Florida Baptist Credit Union (FBCU) branch then you can check the shared branching locator system in order to find the location of a branch participating in the shared branching network or call us at 800-749-3228 to help you locate a branch near you. You can go to that branch, tell them you are a member of the Florida Baptist Credit Union, present proper identification and be able to conduct your business as if you were in the Florida Baptist Credit Union branch.

Individuals and churches alike can utilize this service. There are no additional fees to you as a member in using this service in your community. Churches will need to notify FBCU of their intent to use a shared branch so we can give them the necessary deposit slips and procedures since you are considered a commercial account.

So when you see the logo above you know that particular credit union is a part of the shared branching network. We trust this system will allow you the opportunity to use the Florida Baptist Credit Union as your main financial institution and help expand God’s kingdom through the tithe the credit union gives to the Florida Baptist Convention to start new church work in the state of Florida.